It’s been a while…again!

I’m tired and I don’t think I have that much to say right now.  Had an amazing weekend in New York at The Apple Stomp, which is why I’m so tired.  Just trying to update some websites and maybe get this ball rolling again?  I have so much to rant about and so little energy…oh well.  Maybe next time?

In the meantime, enjoy this:

Exhibit A

Random is when you are job searching and then slowly delve into maintaining your blog/websites, searches about old ska bands, downloading music, tinkering on Myspace and finally deciding to write a short post about it in your blog.  Okay, back to perusing the want ads…

Chaos Theory Is Born

As if I needed another place to voice my opinion.  The pages of Chaos Theory will be a spasm of random ideas and strange thoughts.  Lemon pepper spam anyone?  How about a healthy does of some chicken fried cheese whiz?  Oh yeah, it’ll be here.  Until next time kids…